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Are Movers licensed and insured?

Some Movers are, some Movers are not. Please check the Movers' profiles for insurance and licensing information. If the Movers are licensed, they will publish their license information (USDOT#) in their profile. Movers Corp does not insure or protect Customers or Movers.

Do you service my area?

Movers Corp offers moving services in all 50 States, simply enter your zip code to find Movers in your area.

How do I contact Movers?

As soon as you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email from Movers Corp including the Mover's contact information. In addition, the requested Mover will contact you within 24 hours of placing the order.

Is there anything that Movers will not move?

There are some items Movers do not transport such as jewelry, cash, hazardous materials, firearms because of existing rules and regulations. You can contact your Movers directly before the moving day if you have any specific questions. For more information refer to What Not To Pack and Move page.

Do movers assemble/disassemble furniture?

Most of the Movers do. Click on the Movers' profiles to see all provided services. It is also recommended to ask all necessary questions before the moving day. For more information refer to Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

Do Movers hook/unhook appliances?

Movers will handle the major appliances' transportation, but usually you need to hook/unhook your household appliances for the move. Since under the State laws, most of the Movers are not allowed to temper with gas appliances. For more information refer to Preparing and Moving Appliances


***NOTE: TO MAINTAIN THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF QUALITY & SAFETY, ANY 20' RENTAL TRUCK LOAD & UNLOAD (LOCAL) IS REQUIRED TO HAVE 3 MOVERS MINIMUM, ANY 26' RENTAL TRUCK LOCAL, OR ABF OR OD TYPE FREIGHT TRAILER LOAD ONLY, IS REQUIRED TO HAVE 4 MOVERS MINIMUM. MORE GETS DONE, BECAUSE IT'S FAR MORE EFFICIENT, IT'S ACTUALLY LESS LABOR COSTS IN THE LONG RUN, *AND* IT'S MUCH SAFER FOR YOUR PROPERTY AS WELL AS OUR CREW!*** Here at Five Star Moving, our dedicated crews are professionally trained MASTER MOVERS taught by Kansas City's best moving professional, a premier LOADMASTER without equal, utilizing his almost 30 years of genuine nationwide, major moving experience with the best, award-winning, top National Moving Companies, Agencies, Independent Over-the-Road, Coast-to-Coast drivers, etc. We also have every type of PROFESSIONAL MOVING EQUIPMENT including all types of piano moving equipment, 6 wheel carts including all terrain, ramps of various sizes, newer, clean, quilted moving pads to handle any kind of move correctly, safely, and efficiently. Choose the best moving experts in the area for a very affordable rate! Five Star Moving LLC!

Included Equipment (no extra charge)

2 wheel hand trucks, appliance dollies, vending machine dollies, 3, 4, & 6 wheel dollies, portable ramps (2', 4.5', 6', 16' and 20' long), floor runners, 2 man shoulder harness straps, hump straps, ratchet straps, professional moving blankets including industrial size rubber bands to hold them in place, shrink wrap, tape and hand tools, etc. For piano moves we have padded hardwood piano boards with 6 "E" track strapping points, 1200 lbs capacity 4 wheel dolly, plywood for transport across grass, medium & heavy duty all terrain 6 wheel dollies and heavy duty ratchet straps.

Truck Sizes

Storage containers of all sizes, open and enclosed rental trailers, rental trucks including sizes: pick up trucks, cargo vans, 10' 12' 15' 16' 17' 20' 22' 24' 26' box trucks, as well as long distance, over the road trailers of 24' 48' and 53' long.

Hours of Operation


Areas Serviced by FIVE STAR MOVING LLC



Furniture Assembly/Disassembly (Yes)
Appliance Install/Uninstall (Yes)
Packing/Unpacking (Yes+Fee)
Haul Away (Yes+Fee)
Upright Piano Moving (Yes)Extra fee of $75.00 applies and minimum of 2 movers need to be reserved
Grand Piano Moving (Yes)Extra fee of $100.00 applies and minimum of 3 movers need to be reserved

License and Insurance

License #

Other Authority

Released Value or Basic Liability

$0.60 per pound for no additional charge to the customer.

Declared Value No
Lump Sum Coverage No
Full Value Protected Yes
Full Value Coverage

At no additional cost

Other Coverage? $1,000,000 Burlington Insurance Company Commercial General Liability Insurance

Customer Reviews ( 28)

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5)

on 12/26/2016 5.0 4.5 Stars
I was really happy with our movers. We cad pods to load and they packed those things really efficiently, more fit in than I expected. They were also open to helping me get my large aquarium to the trash, and even rescued a couple fish I had missed! Great.
Mover response: Any day we can save a life on a moving job is good day! And a couple lives is really good! One of our favorite dogs came from a moving job!!!
on 09/20/2015 5.0 4.5 Stars
on 03/19/2015 3.5 4.5 Stars
Price for services higher than what it cost to have loaded on other end with the same amount of labor. Matter of fact double the price. Also damage to wall in living room was not even offered to fix or reduce the final bill.
Mover response: Prices in KC are more than in rural Mississippi. That's a fact of life we don't control. Our local prices are comparable to other companies here. This is the first I'm hearing about you having a problem with that. As far as the accidental bump
on 02/09/2015 5.0 4.5 Stars
Very professional and polite movers. They were fast and very respectful.
on 11/14/2014 5.0 4.5 Stars
on 10/21/2014 5.0 4.5 Stars
on 07/18/2014 4.5 4.5 Stars
on 02/20/2013 5.0 4.5 Stars
on 12/04/2012 5.0 4.5 Stars
Arrived a bit early, which was great for this move. Only had a few items but they were heavy and there was a lot work to figure out the best way to move a heavy desk and gun safe with no damage to anything. Moved at a good pace. Great Job!
on 11/29/2012 4.0 4.5 Stars
The mover is great, arrived on time, did the job professionally. I will strongly recommend them.
on 11/27/2012 5.0 4.5 Stars
on 10/04/2012 5.0 4.5 Stars
Professional and very patient. I hit my car when I was driving the moving truck to the storage facility. I was shaken and almost hysterical. The movers calmed me down with some well placed humor and I felt much, much better by the time we were finished
on 08/15/2012 5.0 4.5 Stars
They are as good as promised and better! They showed up with 3 men instead of the expected 2 and even though it was well over 100 degrees out, they moved everything in smoothly and quickly.
on 07/03/2012 5.0 4.5 Stars
Very professional and reliable, highly recommended.
on 06/12/2012 5.0 4.5 Stars
Very professional and timely, these guys did a great job.
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