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How To Estimate a Local Move

The cost estimates and other provisions on a moving estimate will depend primarily on the type of move you are making, whether it is a local move or you are moving to a different state or to a different country. This article will discuss the common things you can expect from a moving quote for a local move. A move is classified as local if it is done within a hundred miles from the current home to the new location, usually within the same county or state.

The Moving Cost

The purpose of getting a quote from a moving company is to get an idea on how much the entire process of moving will cost. For distances less than 100 miles, the moving charges are typically billed by the hour. Longer moves are billed based on other factors such as the total value, size, and weight of the items.

In general, a local move that is billed by the hour includes the following:
  • Travel time to the pickup point
  • Packing and loading the moving truck
  • Travel time to the destination
  • Unloading and whatever setup that may be previously agreed upon
  • Return or multiple trips, if necessary

    Moving Liability

    Unlike long-distance moving companies, local movers sometimes do not assume liability for transporting your items, except for damages incurred while they are packing the items for you. So if you pack your things on your own or contract a third party, the local moving company does not provide insurance for any damages that may happen in transit.

    Contracting your mover for partial packing services on top of the regular hourly rate will enable you to save some money compared to letting the company do all the packing. You will pack almost all your things except for the breakables and valuables. This way, the movers will be liable for all the damages incurred by the items they packed while in transit. When asking for a quote, mention this idea to the moving company so it can be considered when providing you with a cost estimate.

    Other Important Cost Estimate Considerations

    Although various companies may charge different rates, there are some factors that affect the cost variances. During the summer season or at a time when a lot of leases expire, for example, moving services are highly in demand. You may, therefore, encounter some difficulty in finding a reliable and experienced moving company. Planning ahead and scheduling your move at a date that is not within the peak season for movers will help you avoid this problem.

    When dealing with a local move billed by the hour, keep in mind that some variables may arise that will jack up the total billable hours. As much as possible, try to prepare for these unforeseen events; keep the moving process smooth and run according to schedule. For example, have the packing supplies ready and free the area where the movers can park to make sure that they will not walk far to get the things that they may need from their truck. Inform them beforehand of any obstacles you expect so these can also be considered in the cost estimates.

    Likewise, little things such as providing for refreshments and doing the move in the morning to make sure that the movers are always energized can help you save on your actual cost as this will make the moving process faster.

    Final Word

    No binding quotes apply in the moving industry where generalizations are usually utilized. This is because a lot of factors come into play when coming up with cost estimates. But because local movers are very much concerned about their image and reputation, you can be sure that they will provide the best estimates based on their experience and knowledge about your specific moving requirements.

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