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What you should do after you moved in

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After You Moved In

The most stressful part of the moving phase is behind you. You are all moved into your new home now but there are still some things that you have to do. While unpacking is one of the more glaring tasks because of the clutter that it is causing in your rooms, there are other pressing jobs around the home that you would want to address immediately to ensure your comfort and safety.

On the first night of moving in, one of the first things that you should do is to put up your draperies in the windows so as to have more privacy. Even if you are too tired to fish out the draperies and the bed sheets are closer enough, then you can throw them up until you get yourself situated.

Within the first few days of moving in you should also try to change the locks on the door if you own the house that you have moved into. By changing the locks, you are ensuring that any spare keys that the previous owner may have had floating around would no longer be able to gain access to your new abode.

And while you are at getting the locks on the door changed, you should also inquire about how much it would cost to install a home security system as well. By having new locks and a security system installed you are not only protecting your family but your household items as well.

If you had a few repairs in areas of your new home before moving in, you should spend a few hours walking around your home ensuring that all have been repaired and in good working condition. If you happen upon a leaky faucet that the previous homeowner had promised that he would get fixed then you should make a note of that and other repair jobs went bad and get the previous homeowner to have them repaired right away. On your new home walk-through, among other things that you would want to double check is the electrical box and outlets throughout the home. Test out each outlet and be on the lookout for any sockets that may be broken as well.

If you have a smoke alarm in your home then it is recommended that you change the batteries; you are not aware how long the last set of batteries have been in the alarm system. With fresh batteries that you have installed, you can pretty much gauge how long it would be before the battery power runs out.

Other moving-in tasks should include checking your furniture and household items for damage from the movers as well as investing in a fireproof safety deposit box which would hold all your important documents and medical records.

Finally, unpack your clothing and other items slowly but surely; there is really no rush as you need to get all the rest that you can get from the moving ordeal.

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