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How soon do I need to schedule my move?

Reservation is based on availability. In order to ensure the desired day, place your order as soon as possible. Usually, the weekends and the end of the month are peak times in the moving industry.

Are Movers employees of Movers Corp?

No, they are not. They are moving services providers in their areas.

What type of equipment do Movers provide?

Usually the hourly rate includes a moving truck, moving blankets, dollies, bungee cords, straps, tools for disassembling and assembling of your furniture. For more accurate information, please refer to Movers' profiles.

How do I contact Movers?

As soon as you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email from Movers Corp including the Mover's contact information. In addition, the requested Mover will contact you within 24 hours of placing the order.

Is there anything that Movers will not move?

There are some items Movers do not transport such as jewelry, cash, hazardous materials, firearms because of existing rules and regulations. You can contact your Movers directly before the moving day if you have any specific questions. For more information refer to What Not To Pack and Move page.

Do Movers hook/unhook appliances?

Movers will handle the major appliances' transportation, but usually you need to hook/unhook your household appliances for the move. Since under the State laws, most of the Movers are not allowed to temper with gas appliances. For more information refer to Preparing and Moving Appliances

HOLLYWOODS BEST MOVERS (Licensed and Insured) Reviews

Customer Reviews (22)

Overall Rating:

5.0 stars - based on 22 reviews
on 10/26/2017
5.0 stars
They were friendly and quick with our move. I would highly recommend Hollywood's Best Movers.
on 03/14/2017
5.0 stars
on 07/02/2016
5.0 stars
Our crew was highly professional and careful. They treated our belongings like they were theirs. They padded everything for us to avoid damages during the move. You can tell that they know exactly what to do.
on 11/03/2015
5.0 stars
This crew worked hard and did a great job for us. The guys took all the stress out of the work and finished the job with no issues. We got our items safely moved and placed where it needed to be. They are reasonably priced and worth every dollar.
on 08/18/2015
5.0 stars
on 07/22/2015
5.0 stars
Fast and reliable service. Our two movers were very knowledgeable and took great care of our items. Thanks a lot!
on 07/14/2015
5.0 stars
ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! Jose & Ed made this a seamless transition. Called with ETA & arrived early, were professional & careful. Had NO idea who to use & could not believe how fantastic they were. Exceeded ALL expectations - WE VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
on 06/30/2015
5.0 stars
This was my first time getting a moving company and I had an excellent experience. Hollywoods Best Movers went above and beyond to help me. They were so accommodating and hard working. I would recommend them to everyone!
on 12/09/2014
5.0 stars
on 11/25/2014
5.0 stars
on 05/23/2014
5.0 stars
The movers were able to help me on a short notice. They were absolutely great. Offered professional service and rates.
on 05/08/2014
5.0 stars
We are very pleased and satisfied. Great experience!
on 09/30/2013
5.0 stars
This crew was amazing! I highly recommend Hollywoods Best Movers. Excellent communication, hard working, fairly priced. Thank you.
on 07/09/2013
5.0 stars
on 07/02/2013
5.0 stars
Great movers. On-time, fast, and easy to work with. Very competitive prices. When I move again, I will return as a customer. Highly recommended.
on 06/26/2013
5.0 stars
Performance: They were very careful with furniture ( Wrapping and packing them well ) Communication: They don't stand around talking so more time on your move. Promptness: They pack small articles in large boxes per run to minimize the number of cycle
on 06/10/2013
1.0 stars
I did't use nor would I recommend Hollywood Movers. When I was finally contacted by them they refused to honor the price quote I was given, they stated " there would be an additional fuel surcharge and mileage charge". I refused their service
on 06/04/2013
5.0 stars
Movers were very accommodating. they were careful and attentive. We could not have had a better experience. And they finished the job in half the expected time. A+++++++
on 05/13/2013
5.0 stars
Efficient, professional, helpful, thorough -- excellent experience.
on 04/18/2013
5.0 stars
on 04/02/2013
5.0 stars
We had a last minute move that came up and Hollywoods Best Movers came to our rescue. They were EXCELLENT to work with. They were everything you would want in a mover and I highly recommend them. Thank you for everything Jose!
on 01/21/2013
5.0 stars
These guys were great! Responsive, hard working, careful, respectful, cheerful. They stayed until he job was done. I highly recommend them!