The following table summarizes the estimated time and moving crew guidelines for various types of moves. Please be aware that the moving time may vary depending on many factors: size of your household, the distance from truck to location or from one location to another, number of stairs going up and down, availability of an elevator, special care items, furniture assembly/disassembly and etc.

Load or Unload Only
Studio or 1 bedroom 2 movers2-3 hours
2-3 bedroom small apartment2 movers3-4 hours
3 bedroom house3 movers3-4 hours
4 bedroom apartment/house3 movers4-5 hours
5 bedroom house4 movers5-6 hours

Full Service With a Truck
Studio 2 movers and a truck2-3 hours
1 bedroom apartment2 movers and a truck2-4 hours
2 bedroom apartment/house2 movers and a truck3-5 hours
3 bedroom apartment/house3 movers and a truck5-7 hours
4 bedroom apartment/house3-4 movers and a truck6-8 hours