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Moving senior citizens is never as simple as it seems. You may think you're done once the moving company is scheduled. But your responsibility will continue, as they move to a new home and adjust to the new location.
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In addition to being a gentle musical instrument, a piano is an extremely big and bulky item to move. A few people will be needed regardless of whether you are moving the piano from one room to another or across town.
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There are difficult times in life, especially when it comes to relocating. There are many expenses involved with moving. What's the most cost-efficient way to transport goods to your new place, hiring a moving company or doing it yourself?
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If you are moving house soon and your load is a light one then consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Moving can indeed be a burden especially when you have to think about all the bulk of furniture and other household items that you have to relocate with. Those who have the luxury of traveling light when they are moving are usually the ones who are either moving into an already furnished home or those who may be moving from a small apartment like a studio unit to a home where they would eventually purchase new furniture.

Even when packing lesser items for moving, it is important for you to still be organized somewhat so as not to leave the important items behind. Just like someone who is moving with larger items, you also have to determine what items you can do without at the new place.

There are many small things that you may be tempted to hold on to as you start packing up to relocate. But the key is to pack smart and only take along items that are important to you and your family. Gather the items that you intend to move with and start packing them in the smaller sized supermarket boxes. For items that you may readily use before moving day such as your favorite fragrance, you should try to avoid packing them weeks ahead of moving because you may have to use it before moving day arrives.

Ensure that you properly package all your items in the box making sure to seal them tightly and label them as well. Items such as hairsprays and nozzle type products should also be securely sealed so as to avoid spillage. Items such as figurines and small ornaments should be either bubble wrapped and reinforced with newspaper so as to prevent it from cracking or breaking. The same process applies for framed photographs that you may have. In some cases, depending on the smaller items that are to be moved, you may not need to hire a professional mover to assist you; you can load the items on the truck by yourself and save money while you are at it. Of course, another option would be to rent a truck and drive to your new home.

Whatever you decide to do there are other ways in which you can ease your moving stress. You may not be moving with large furniture but you may have a small coffee table, entertainment stand and perhaps a 14 inch TV that would go along with the other smaller items. For those who are moving within less than 30 minutes away from where you currently live it would be wise if you were to move these items into your new place a few days before moving. This would definitely cut your moving time in half and also spare you the last-minute rush of gathering items to take along with you and ultimately forgetting a few behind. Moving day should meet you all relaxed a bit and promptly meet with the movers.

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