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You have probably seen those large moving containers somewhere in your neighborhood or on the highways. For those who want to save on long distance move, moving pods is something that you want to consider.
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Do-It-Yourself moving is the best choice for people who want to save money. The most challenging task in do-it-yourself moving is loading the household belongings into a moving truck. The job has to be done in such a way that the belongings stay safe during the transportation.
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Renting a Moving Truck

If you are the type of do-it-yourself person who always has to get any job done on your own, then renting a moving truck for your household relocation would definitely be the option that you would go with.

There are many advantages of renting your own truck, foremost is the fact that you can move at your own pace and not feel overwhelmed by having to meet the mover's deadline. Of course, there are many factors that you should take into consideration before you rent a moving truck.

The first step into renting a truck would be to get estimates from close to five rental companies. When you call to find out about their costs, services offered and it would help to know if the company is running any specials or discounts that can save you money. You can also find a few rental truck companies by talking to people who may have used such services in the recent past. Ask them about their experiences and etc. This would determine which firm you should go with.

The second step is to determine the size of the truck that you may need. Moving experts say when you are renting a truck, you should choose a vehicle that can comfortably hold 10-15 percent more than what you really own. The distance to where you would be moving as well as the size of the truck would determine how much money you would have to pay to rent a truck. Since each rental truck companies are different, you may find a company that may charge you a flat rate per day excluding the cost of miles while another may include mileage into the cost.

Before calling the truck rental company, you need to also work out a number of days that you plan to keep the truck to be able to move. One this is determined then you are ready to call the truck rental company of your choice to reserve the vehicle. Choose your moving dates wisely since the months of June to September tend to be the busiest season. And busy season also means that you would have to pay high prices for your truck rental. Provide the truck rental company with as much information as possible. For instance, if you need extra equipment to move like perhaps towing equipment or even a trailer, let the rental representative know.

Let them know the date and time you wish to return the vehicle as well as inform them about what you would be moving so that they suggest other equipment to make your move much easier. Depending on which rental company you decide to go with, you may be required to provide documents which include your credit card information, your driver's license and well as proof of auto rental insurance. It is not unusual for a truck rental company to cover your insurance for a small fee. Before signing any document, find out what the insurance covers.

Finally, thoroughly inspect the rental vehicle both inside and out before you sign the documents to take it off the rental premises. The last thing you need is to be accused of doing damage.

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