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Questions and Answers about Moving Containers

Moving containers can help make your transfer to your new home fast, safe, and cost-efficient. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about moving containers that you might want to ask to help you decide on whether or not to use moving containers for your planned move.

  • How sturdy are the storage containers?

    The more durable moving containers are constructed with galvanized steel corners and sturdy walls. Portable storage containers are usually built with waterproof materials, tie-down rings, have smooth interior walls, and equipped with a translucent roof that allows air in so you can see what’s inside while loading.

  • What are the available sizes of moving containers and portable storage, and how much can they contain?

    Various sizes are available including 16’x8’x8’ containers with about 900 cubic feet of available storage space. This is ideal for holding contents from a home with 1,500 sq ft of living area, though you may require a separate container for items in the garage, patio, basement, and attic. Large household items and furniture can easily fit inside the container. To be sure on the specific size you will need, you can use the space calculator provided in some moving container websites.

  • How much volume and weight can a typical moving container hold?

    Although the average storage container can hold up to 7,500 lbs. the worth of items, customers are usually able to load only 4,000 to 5,000 lbs. inside the container because of packaging and item size constraints. The 7,500-lb. storage capacity should be more than enough for an average household. However, you may go over the 7,500-lb. limit if you need to move a lot of magazines, books, tool boxes, and/or other heavy items.

  • Where should my container be placed?

    For safety, security, and convenience, it is best to place the container in the driveway, if possible. Another option will be on the street, double check with your city whether you need a parking permit for a container. Either way, just make sure that you secure the necessary permits and comply with existing local ordinances before parking the moving container.

  • Are my belongings insured?

    Securing your items while they are in the container is the customer’s responsibility. Usually, a homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage while the container is on your premises and in transit. To be sure, check the provisions in your existing policy.

  • Will you help me pack and load my furniture and household items? You have the option to pack and load your belongings into the container on your own or allow us to help or do the job for you for an extra fee depending on the amount of help you need and your budget. If you want the company to do the packing and loading, make sure that they will pack and load your belongings in a professional manner.

  • Is it possible to move my things to another state or country?

    Not all moving container companies have the logistics to deliver to another country or state, so be sure to ask your prospective provider if you intend to move across the country or even abroad. For cross-country moves, using a portable storage container is much more convenient and offers less stress than renting a moving truck. For one, you can load the container at your own pace and it eliminates the issues that come with driving a huge, unfamiliar truck. Likewise, loading a storage container is easier as you will load at ground level, instead of carrying the items through a narrow ramp just to load them into the truck.

  • Will I be given instructions on how to load the container?

    A reputable moving container services provider usually offers safety and loading guides and tips to help their customers make a successful move. To be sure, contact your provider’s customer service for more information.

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