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How does Movers Corp work?

Search for Movers by entering your zip code and your desired moving day in the Search Box. Compare the Movers and place an order with your credit or debit card. You may place an order directly through the website or by giving us a call. Movers Corp will charge your card for the services you have requested and provide you with a service code for your Movers. Your hired Mover will contact you within 24 hours to discuss details of the upcoming move. When you are satisfied with your requested services, give the service code to your Mover as payment.

How soon do I need to schedule my move?

Reservation is based on availability. In order to ensure the desired day, place your order as soon as possible. Usually, the weekends and the end of the month are peak times in the moving industry.

Are Movers licensed and insured?

Some Movers are, some Movers are not. Please check the Movers' profiles for insurance and licensing information. If the Movers are licensed, they will publish their license information (USDOT#) in their profile. Movers Corp does not insure or protect Customers or Movers.

Do you service my area?

Movers Corp offers moving services in all 50 States, simply enter your zip code to find Movers in your area.

Is there anything that Movers will not move?

There are some items Movers do not transport such as jewelry, cash, hazardous materials, firearms because of existing rules and regulations. You can contact your Movers directly before the moving day if you have any specific questions. For more information refer to What Not To Pack and Move page.

Do movers assemble/disassemble furniture?

Most of the Movers do. Click on the Movers' profiles to see all provided services. It is also recommended to ask all necessary questions before the moving day. For more information refer to Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

CONVENIENT MOVING (Licensed and Insured)

Your 24 hr moving experts. Here is the most recent review from Joy W. we moved her from Edmond to KS. Joy W.Kansas City, MO 1 review 5.0 star rating 4/14/2014 From the first contact with the office to the two men who moved our belongings bidding us good luck and goodbye, we could not have been better treated. Words to describe them: punctual, honest, careful, hard-working, and most importantly: less expensive by hundreds of dollars than other bidders. It made giving the workers a nice tip a lot easier to do. Go with them is our heartfelt recommendation.

Included Equipment (no extra charge)

We provide trucks, dollies, moving blankets, tools, shrinkwrap and more.

Truck Sizes

26ft box truck

Hours of Operation





Furniture Assembly/Disassembly (Yes)
Appliance Install/Uninstall (Yes)$50.00/hr
Packing/Unpacking (Yes+Fee)$40.00/hr
Haul Away (Yes)$50.00/hr
Upright Piano Moving (Yes)Extra fee of $100.00 applies and minimum of 2 movers need to be reserved
Grand Piano Moving (Yes)Extra fee of $150.00 applies and minimum of 2 movers need to be reserved

License and Insurance

License #

USDOT#1932718 OK
Other Authority

Released Value or Basic Liability

$0.60 per pound for no additional charge to the customer.

Declared Value Yes $10.00 per $100.00of coverage.
Lump Sum Coverage No $0.00 per $0.00of coverage.
Full Value Protected Yes
Full Value Coverage

At no additional cost

Other Coverage? cargo policy number 35-1-c-8128534-3

Customer Reviews ( 19)

Overall Rating: (3.0)

on 08/14/2016 1.5
Worked very lazy. spent more time hanging around complaining about the weather. Would not use May Movers again!
on 07/31/2016 4.5
Pretty good service. They attended to the job with very short notice. Friendly and courteous personnel. Movers did a pretty good job in moving my furniture. Also they helped assemble my bed. I really appreciate their time and help. Pretty good service
on 11/01/2014 1.5
This company is awful. They didn't pack everything, missed 2 whole closets and then when told me everything would fit on a 26' truck. When it didn't fit, they left an entire room full of furniture. They were also 6 hours late.
Mover response: The movers said everything will fit because you didnt show them everything that you wanted to move. You forgot to show them 2 closets. You only found out about the closets when movers had gone home. Thanks for choosing the company
on 06/24/2014 5.0
They were great, they took the time not to scratch walls yet they moved fast between those times! They asked and placed everything where I would like it to be placed! They also had good manners
on 03/18/2013 1.0
I called twice to confirm that they would be there. The last confirmation was 2 days before. They did not show which put us in one hell of a bind with a piano to load. Needless to say, I am very pissed off!
Mover response: You provided the wrong number. We called several times and your number was invalid. We wish you had the right number.
on 03/17/2013 3.0
The team sent out did a good. The boss was rude and tried to go back on his word over the phone! But Adam was very professional and apologetic for his boss actions!! If I didn't have to deal with the boss I would use them again.
Mover response: we provide great service at a low price. Then you called in asking for another discount which we could not provide and you got angry. Sorry our services are already discounted.
on 11/04/2012 3.0
Mover response: Thank you Samantha for choosing Convenient Movers. We really appreciate it.
on 08/22/2012 2.0
Mover response: Thank you for choosing Convenient Movers. We really appreciate it
on 08/22/2012 1.5
Almost everything moved was damaged. Very careless and VERY SLOW. Deliberately took their time so they could work 3 hours, 10 minutes and charge for FOUR ENTIRE HOURS. Left about half of our things in the garage, we had to move it upstairs ourselves.
Mover response: Sorry that you feel that way. You didnt want us to complete the job because you said you had no money to pay for the move
on 07/13/2012 5.0
Mover response: Thank you Justin for the great review. Customers like you have contributed greatly to us staying in business. We really want to appreciate you for the great review
on 05/16/2012 5.0
Mover response: Thank you Tim for choosing Convenient Movers. It was a great pleasure moving your and your family to bigger and better things.
on 04/01/2012 5.0
Movers were very nice. Worked hard the entire time.
on 03/22/2012 1.5
They were late and their pants hanging off their butt; charged me to move a piano they had NO EXPERIENCE - had to ask them to leave after one got smart with me! Ran Up the clock 2 hours. The $100 per tip was not give to the others by main guy! DO NOT HIRE
on 03/12/2012 5.0
My two movers were friendly, worked efficiently, listened to my direction, and completed my move in the time I requested- overall good experience.
on 02/16/2012 5.0
I've used Convenient Movers for two moving activities now. They were very professional and did a GREAT job. The only thing I could ding them on is not realizing that you have to put the slats in the bed before putting in the mattresses. Not a big d
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