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What is your privacy policy?

Your customer information is protected and secure. We take every precaution to ensure the safety of your personal information. We do not sell or trade your personal information; we only provide your contact information to the contracted Mover. Please refer to our complete privacy policy.

Are Movers licensed and insured?

Some Movers are, some Movers are not. Please check the Movers' profiles for insurance and licensing information. If the Movers are licensed, they will publish their license information (USDOT#) in their profile. Movers Corp does not insure or protect Customers or Movers.

What type of equipment do Movers provide?

Usually the hourly rate includes a moving truck, moving blankets, dollies, bungee cords, straps, tools for disassembling and assembling of your furniture. For more accurate information, please refer to Movers' profiles.

Do you service my area?

Movers Corp offers moving services in all 50 States, simply enter your zip code to find Movers in your area.

How do I contact Movers?

As soon as you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email from Movers Corp including the Mover's contact information. In addition, the requested Mover will contact you within 24 hours of placing the order.

Is there anything that Movers will not move?

There are some items Movers do not transport such as jewelry, cash, hazardous materials, firearms because of existing rules and regulations. You can contact your Movers directly before the moving day if you have any specific questions. For more information refer to What Not To Pack and Move page.

Goodlife Moving Service LLC (Licensed and Insured) Reviews

Customer Reviews (20)

Overall Rating:

4.0 stars - based on 20 reviews
on 04/29/2014
5.0 stars
This was a last minute moving job. The calendar was full but got accommodated due to the urgency of movement. Van and Chris were very professional and made sure the move went smooth and flawless.
on 01/09/2014
5.0 stars
The whole team was excellent, it was cold and icy and they were very neat and careful. I would recommend Vans, T,T, and the other guy ( tall and skinny) to anyone who is looking for a professional moving service that you can trust.
on 06/04/2013
5.0 stars
Overall excellent job, much better experience compare to another moving company.
on 12/31/2012
5.0 stars
I can recommend them to all .
Mover response: Thanks Justina ! It was a pleasure helping you.
on 12/03/2012
5.0 stars
This is my second moving experience with these guys, and I couldn't be happier. They've been a great help, always communicative and careful with my belongings. Thanks!
Mover response: Thank You! Christina for recognizing our efforts and for taking time to give feedback. Enjoy the holidays! Best Regards: Goodlife Moving Services
on 10/05/2012
3.0 stars
Great speed at packing/loaded, took their time getting there and took their time in between apartments.
Mover response: It was explained to Margherita that commercial trucks cannot use the parkway. The customer was not charge any extra, in addition the job was finished in time.
on 07/30/2012
1.5 stars
Your workers took entirely too long to move a 1 bedroom apartment. This move cost me almost 700.00 dollars. It should not have taken 6 hours to move a one bedroom apartment . I feel I was grossly taken advantage of. I will never use this service again.
Mover response: I discuss over and over again with customer about the variance in outcome of the job. The crew literally had a long haul, with small elevator on both ends . In additional the contents of the apartment was more than a 1 bedroom. Sorry you feel that way,
on 07/10/2012
3.5 stars
I had a very short move but it lasted over the minimum 3 hours due to one of the workers constantly taking breaks which resulted in money I didn't budget for. Van needs to be more receptive to customer comments about his help instead of being defense
Mover response: Apparently the customer was unaware that I was close enough to do a spot check on the work site. I could not validate the one member constantly taken breaks, however I could validate it was extremely hot . The job was scope for 3 to 4hours , they finish
on 07/02/2012
4.0 stars
The two movers arrived on time, worked hard. they accommodated my needs. Probably would have been better to have three persons for the move, would have probably been more efficient.
Mover response: Thank you for the review ! At all times we try to gauge the work load best as possible. The job went smooth it just took longer. The was one of the few cases Our suggestion were not taken this time.
on 06/09/2012
3.5 stars
Mover response: This job went smooth . Htin did have a difficult time understanding the crew over the phone.
on 04/30/2012
4.5 stars
The movers were professional and did a good job. They were on time and did not waste any time. Good job!
Mover response: It was great , helping you with your services. Thanks for the recommendations you made to your family and friends.
on 03/29/2012
5.0 stars
Mover response: Thank you for using our service and giving us great recommendation. Feel good to be acknowledge for our efforts!
on 02/22/2012
5.0 stars
They were great. I could not have asked for a better job for that price. I would definitely use you/them again
Mover response: Thanks , it hat a pleasure to help
on 11/26/2011
5.0 stars
Two men arrived 30 minutes early and did an excellent job
Mover response: It was a pleasure, At Your Service! Have a Happy Holiday !
on 11/22/2011
5.0 stars
Mover response: Thank you for taking the time to comment
on 10/21/2011
5.0 stars
Fast and efficient service. Recommended.
Mover response: It's always a pleasure to have feedback from our customers . Again we look forward to assisting family and friends I'm the near future. Best Regards Goodlife
on 09/26/2011
5.0 stars
They were on time and very nice guys ...would recommend to anyone went smooth for me
Mover response: Thanks for the comments. Best Wishes to You Sir! Best Regards: Good Life Moving Service "Your First move Before you Move!"
on 09/17/2011
5.0 stars
Very satisfied with this mover. Fast and professional service. Thanks!
Mover response: Thanks for your feedback! It was a pleasure to help. Best Regards: GoodLife Moving Service
on 08/11/2011
5.0 stars
The entire experience was positive from the beginning. The movers were efficient and they did a good job.
on 08/08/2011
1.5 stars
goodlife only had 1 guy who brought subcontractors. first thing sub did was ask me for more money. oh did i mention they screwed up my booking and had to "squeeze" me in 8 hours late, screwing up my weekend plans